Mushroom Machine Club, Psychedelic Party in Madrid

Next Saturday, February 16, a new edition of the Mushroom Machine Club will be held. The Alldayer will take place from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Mongo SciFi Bar (Tesoro, 5) and the Allnighter at TrashCan Music Club (Cardenal Cisneros, 30) with NEU MATTER live Show and later DJ sessions until 6:00. With Holly Calder (Glasgow), Ben Jones (Hamburg), Carlos Dorian, Emilio Smartboy & Miguel Ygarza. We leave you some info about the DJs.


I’m Holly from Glasgow, Scotland where I run Double Sight. I’m honoured to be invited to play at the return of the Mushroom Machine, the last one was a blast!

I’ve been very lucky to DJ all over the world and have recently spent a lot of time playing and travelling to modern psych festivals as well as at 60s event, some highlights being Desert Daze and Austin Psych Fest in the USA and taking Double Sight to Japan a couple of years ago, as well as playing at some of my favourite European weekenders… All Saints, Euro Yeye, Le Beat Bespoke. 

I’ve been a bit behind with record shopping this year, so I’ll be digging out some of my all time faves…

My Brother The Man – We The People
I Know – Dan Nix & The Teen Sound
Sweet Sweet Sadie – The Teardrops
Wade In The Shade – Daddy Lindberg
Luca – Le Macchie Rosse

BEN JONES (Hamburg)

Founder of Hamburgs longest running Mod/60s club night “The Hip Cat Club“ that added a “Meow“ to club culture from January 2002 to April 2018. I became a 60s Afficionado when i „borrowed“ my fathers Rolling Stones and Jefferson Airplane LPs at the age of 15. Loving most things 60s but always with one foot in the San Francisco Flower Power thing … Over the years i have been invited to play in most major Mod/60s Events and clubs such as Euro Yé Yé (Spain), Le Beat Bespoke & Mousetrap (UK), Shake’N’Fingerpop (BEL), 2 Men from L.I.N.Z. Weekend, Up Club, Atomic Cafe, Club Separee, Bassy (GER) and many many more. This may be my 3rd or 4th time at the amazing Mushroom Machine and I’m honored and happy to come back to Madrid for another memorable Event!
Some tunes i might play for your dancing pleasure:

KALEIDOSCOPE – Lie To Me (Epic 45)
KROKODIL – You’re Still A Part Of Me (Liberty 45)
DALE HAWKINS – L.A. – Memphis – Tyler (Bell LP)
THE MOUSETRAP – Rhymetyme (Scott Records 45)
ULTIMATE SPINACH – ego trip (MGM 45)


I’m Carlos Dorian, vinyl collector, music lover, esthete, decadent, amateur DJ and Graphic Designer by profession.

My musical tastes are very varied, but at the time of playing I focus mainly on the sounds of the late 60s and early 70s: Freakbeat, Acid Folk, Heavy Psych, Prog, Krautrock …

I’ve played at some of my favorite Sixties Festivals and Clubs in Spain like the EuroYeye, Barcelona Psych Fest, Purple Weekend, Mod Generation Club, Looking Glass, The Lysergic Brotherhood, Triangle Club … And it’s an honor to share a lineup with some of my Favorite DJs from the national and international scene.

Five themes that possibly sound that night are:

HooverIII – Destroya (Permanent Records)
Vibravoid – Alphawave (Stoned Karma Records)
Legay – No One (Fontana)
Adjéèf The Poet – Lekk! I’m A Freak (Action Records)
The Pawnshop ‎- The Telegraph Is Calling (Roman Record Company) 

You can find all the info and schedules in the Facebook page event.

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